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Covenant Collaborative Consulting & Training, LLC entered into a collaborative partnership agreement with Cumberlands and South Central Workforce Development Boards of Kentucky to provide their recent graduates with structured Pre-vocational individual career services "work experience" under WIOA's section 678, 430 sub-sections B6-8. 


Through this WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act) agreement, dislocated and unemployed workers are placed as Next Generation Media Interns in paid project-based experiential learning roles such as webmaster, videographer, graphic design, associate producer, content blogger, etc. in a fully remote posture.


We attribute the design and development of our two websites to the graduates of Kentucky’s “Commonwealth Coders” a 16-week intensive IT training program taught by BC Skills Development Academy that provides participants substantive education and training in high-demand fields such as Web Development and Design as well as Coding 


We remain committed and dedicated to providing Pre-vocational individual career services "work experience" opportunities for individuals through the WDB/WIOA programs. 

Rural communities are changing the game for the next workforce of the future. No longer do you need to look in big cities to find top tech talent – you can find talent in rural locations, next to a wide range of colleges and universities, and from both traditional IT tracks like Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Systems, and non-traditional candidates from all walks of life, who are willing to be trained and certified.

 Today, technology is changing so fast that everyone must be learning on an ongoing basis. Whether you are entering the job market, or you are changing career paths after 20 years, no one is too far behind to catch up.”


While women make up 47% of all employed adults in the US, as of 2022, they hold only 28% of computing and mathematical roles, according to data from Zippia, with women identifying as Asian or Pacific Islander making up just 7% of the IT workforce and Black and Hispanic women accounting for 3% and 2%, respectively.

We want to be the change.

Coventant Collaborative Consulting & Training, LLC (Next Generational Media Internship Program) offers HYBRID and REMOTE internships and Pre-vocational "work expreience" year-round to university-level students and WIOA youth 16-24 as well as dislocated & unemployed adult workers.  Our goal is to increase opportunities for graduates of recent training programs and individuals in rural areas to receive OJP work experience through experiential project-based learning. The program utilizes the "R.E.S.E.T" framework leading to entry-level pathways to professional positions in the broadcast, media and  IT industry. 


   “If we do not share our stories and shine a light on inequities, things will not change.”

                                                  - Ellen Pao

R eframing         
E mployability
S kills through
E ducation and
T raining

 Webmaster Team

Team Lead


Alisha Bolin

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"I've always been interested in STEM, but I never felt that those areas were viable choices for me (I always felt I was "lacking" whatever it took to do those things). I'm grateful for the push to include females into  STEM fields, which helped me open my eyes and understand that it was never anything that "I" was lacking. I feel like I've found my home in computer coding and programming! I am eager to continue learning and love the challenge it provides; the ability to create something and to understand the functionality and see it work is amazing!  I'm grateful for this "work experience" opportunity with the NxGen Media Internship Program to continue learning and growing my skillset."



Stephanie Miller

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"I feel very blessed and thankful to participate in the Justice Beat internship as their female web developer! Not only do I get the chance to further my knowledge in the Social reform area, I get the chance to work on a platform, where I’m able to educate others as well! I’m excited for this "work experience" opportunity to expand on my education, as well as the experience I will get working on their social platform!"

E-commerce Lead

Danielle Logan.jpeg

Danielle Logan

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“Recognize and embrace your uniqueness...Being a Black woman, being a woman in general, on a team of all men, means that you are going to have a unique voice. It’s important to embrace that.” - Erin Teague

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