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Launched January 2023



Talk Show
 Hosted by:
Karla Sutton McKinney
Co Hosted by:
Karen D. Sutton

Karla Sutton McKinney is a mentor, teacher, writer, and recently, the author of Summer of 2020. A book of poetry that poses questions and thought-provoking declarations on the turbulent civic events that crescendo with the death of George Floyd.

 Karen D. Sutton  is a graduate of Washington University George Warren Brown School of Social Work and a Senior Licensed Mental Health Clinician at Grady Hospital. 



Attorney Evita Tolu 

Evita T.  came to the  US at the age of 25, landed a job with a big St. Louis law firm as a paralegal , was admitted to St. Louis University School of Law , and eventually began her own immigration law practice.

Meet Our

Inaugural Interns


Natalie Jones

Junior Associate Producer

"Natalie Jones is a graduate student at Adler University, currently pursuing
two master’s degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Sport and Human Performance. She
recently joined the Legal Hour Show as an Associate Producer, as well as the Just-US YOUth
team as a junior associate producer/research assistant. She works as an office manager at a
private practice, and works with young athletes as well. This has expanded her experience on mental health, and relevant issues of diverse youth, especially athletes. She believes that working in
these positions will expand her knowledge of incarcerated individuals and youth. This experience can also help her to be a multi-faceted and multi-cultural counselor, equipped to work with different populations."


Andrew Lindsey

Junior Associate Producer

Andrew Lindsey is a graduate student at Adler University and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Andrew has recently joined the Just-US YOUth team here as an associate producer / research assistant. In past work experiences, Andrew has worked with middle school aged youth who were contending with trauma, a range of diagnoses, and challenging situations at home. Due to the converging of these factors, this frequently led youth to entanglements in the justice system. Andrew believes the upcoming Just Us Youth program will give a powerful voice to the challenges youth face in this system and how to effectively implement positive and necessary changes. 

"Our mission is to equip, educate, and empower family members and friends of the incarcerated/formerly incarcerated to boldly and confidently advocate for the physical health and overall well-being of individuals impacted by the collateral consequences of mass incarceration."


"Our singularly focused vision seeks not to single-out, exclude, discard, or disregard any person nor to elevate any person above another but to righteously support and promote the dignity and humanity of ALL in the human race impacted by the injustices.  presented by systems (jails/prisons) of incarceration."

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