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Intern Spotlight

CONGRATULATIONS and bidding a FAREWELL to The Justice Beat Talk Show Interns

Alisha Bolin

As the Team Lead of the Webmaster Team, Alisha provided awesome  coordination among team members and delegation of tasks/assignments with a focus on streamlining efforts. The redesign of both websites and making the content interactive is attributed to the Webmaster Team with Alisha at the helm. Alisha always had a can do attitude and met each project head-on. I wish and pray for the best for you Alisha as I know you will exceed all expectations going forward into the New Year of 2022!!! Thank you for all you did to increase our presence and engagement. YOU DEFINITELY MADE A DIFFERENCE!.

Bobby Murphy

Bobby recently graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis this past May with a degree in Mass Communications.  As a NxGen Media Intern, Bobby served on the production team of The Justice Beat Talk Show for 18 month (3 academic semesters). 


Bobby has served in the role of Technical Production Lead since January 2020 with The Justice Beat Talk Show.  As a Next Generation Media Intern, Bobby’s role is critical to the weekly production of the Show.  Bobby initially started out producing the Show live in-studio each week.  However, when the pandemic hit, the Show quickly pivoted to remote broadcast without missing the delivery of a single episode.  The smooth transition to a weekly remote show is as the direct result of Bobby’s ingenuity in identifying the logistical needs that would allow the Show to continue its same format mirroring the live in-studio delivery.  In addition, Bobby showed tremendous insight into trends and practices in the digital remote space that benefited the Show greatly. 

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie brought a "can-do" spirit and attitude to the Webmaster Team which spoke volumes. In addition, your willingness to try new things by being coachable cemented your support role on the Webmaster Team. Thank you for your dedication and conscientious efforts towards ensuring the NxGen site remained current and relevant!!!  I hope and pray much success in future aspirations and please keep in touch. Thank you for everything! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 💓.

Bryant Garcia

Bryant joined the Webmaster Team midway, the last 8 weeks he has spent his time building out the Announcement Landing page for the soon-to-launch “Just-Us YOUth Talk Show”. During today’s Project close-out meeting, Bryant shared his completed project and it’s at a point where the incoming Webmaster Team can pick-up and finish the buildout into a stand alone dedicated website for the JB spin-off show. Thank you Bryant for your effort.  Hoping and praying your desire to be admitted to Georgia Tech comes to fruition! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Justice Beat in collaboration with NxGen Media is always seeking out talented individuals to serve on our production & webmaster team.

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