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Internships: The Remote R.E.S.E.T!

Remote Employabiity Skills through Education and Training

The March Madness Pivot of 2020

When COVID-19 made it's presentation in March, The Justice Beat Talk Show was being produced weekly onsite at a local studio in which the Show hosted its guests in-person. At the time, our production team of undergraduate interns were participating in the Show's Next Generation Media Internship in which a portion of their responsibilities were completed from home or onsite. The transition from onsite to remote was seamless but not without significant advance planning to ensure a smooth pivot that did not adversely impact the production of our weekly show.

As we approached the end of Season 1, looking forward it was clear with the uncertainty of when things might return to what we thought was normal we planned accordingly to remain in a remote posture for Season 2 with the goal being that of a "Remote R.E.S.E.T.".

It was a no-brainer to move full speed ahead into remote operations considering health as the top-priority over anything else. Being solutions oriented vs. problem or profit-centered made this decision an easy one to make.

With the Show being on hiatus for the summer, NxGen Media production team of interns (Cohort 2) have spent the past 8 weeks on Pre-production activities for season 2. The team consists of 3 undergraduate students, 1 law school student, and 1 masters level student representing Hamilton College (NY), University of Missouri St. Louis (MO), University of California at Merced, Lindenwood University (MO), and St. Louis University Law School (MO).

In our next blog post, we will discuss in greater detail what is a "Remote R.E.S.E.T.", in the context of establishing a remote internship program, as well as the importance of laying a solid foundation in week 1 with respects to expectations in a remote environment.

Thank you for sharing and following. If you want to stay plugged in to our happenings, join the members area and tell and/or invite a friend to join.

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