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Community-based Partnerships

Jun 21, 2021

Community-based Partnerships: A New Way of Collaborating in Today's Remote Space

Just about 14 months ago, the US was in the midst of a nationwide "shelter-in-place" mandate because of the international pandemic, COVID-19.

With sheltering-in-place in full-effect, numerous industries and institutions were faced with quickly implementing and executing plans that would allow for internal and external operations to be carried out remotely. One of those impacted institutions rising to the occasion by shifting gears and pivoting was Adler University in Chicago, IL. For the first time, Adler University's Social Justice Practicum Program adjusted its relationship with numerous community partners to allow remote practicum placements in response to COVID-19 for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

As a beneficary of Adler University's adoption of remote practicum placements, The Justice Beat Talk Show's Next Generatrion Media Internship Program, in its furst collaborative year with Adler, has hosted a total of 7 Adler students representing various areas of matriculation. With the stellar contributions of SJP (Social Justice Practicum) students, across two seasons, this past year was marked by a myriad of highlights and accomplishments thanks to the following Adler SJP students:

2020-2021 Seasons 2 and 3: Cohorts 3 and 4 (Adler Social Justice Practicum Students)

1. Melissa Sogavo, Associate Producer
2. Christine Krumsee, Associate Producer
3. Claire Reiser, Content Writer Virtual Onboarding Manual
4. Reginald Carter, Associate Producer (Youth Spin-off Show, in-development)
5. Alyssa Upchurch, Content Blogger
6. Nicholas Marselle, Associate Producer Legal Hour
7. Asia Hall, Associate Producer (Youth Spin-off Show, in-development)

We are most appreciative to the entire faculty/staff of Adler's SJP Program for the opportunity to serve. In the 2021-22 school year, as we embark upon the Fall 2021 launch of Season 4, we look forward to the continued collaborative partnership with Adler University and the SJP students.

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