and bidding a FAREWELL
to The Justice Beat's first
echnical Production Lead
              BOBBY MURPHY!

Bobby Murphy

Intern Spotlight


Bobby recently graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis this past May with a degree in Mass Communications.  As a NxGen Media Intern, Bobby served on the production team of The Justice Beat Talk Show for 18 month (3 academic semesters). 


Bobby has served in the role of Technical Production Lead since January 2020 with The Justice Beat Talk Show.  As a Next Generation Media Intern, Bobby’s role is critical to the weekly production of the Show.  Bobby initially started out producing the Show live in-studio each week.  However, when the pandemic hit, the Show quickly pivoted to remote broadcast without missing the delivery of a single episode.  

The smooth transition to a weekly remote show is as the direct result of Bobby’s ingenuity in identifying the logistical needs that would allow the Show to continue its same format mirroring the live in-studio delivery.  In addition, Bobby showed tremendous insight into trends and practices in the digital remote space that benefited the Show greatly. 

Examples of responsibilities included: 

  • Developing show introductions 

  • Curating video content 

  • Final edits to weekly show 

  • Managing YouTube Channel 

  • Recording and editing weekly 15-Masterclass with Show Guest(s) 

  • Restreaming show across multiple social media platforms 

  • Managing Dropbox and YouTube Channel

  • Hosting weekly Test-runs with show guest(s)

  • Coordinating special night-time broadcasts

  • Voice overs for guest intros, cross-training and much more… 

Flexibility and creativity are also assets of Bobby’s which he successfully leveraged by bringing to the Show’s audience a new look each season.  Having recently concluded season 3 on May 1, 2021, we are now recruiting for Bobby's replacement along with a Technical Production Assistant.  

Furthermore, although Bobby’s technical and logistical skills are impressive his close attention to details and anticipating the needs of the Executive Producer/Host lifted some aspects of the Show’s development from my plate because of Bobby’s keen awareness of programmatic needs and filling the gap when necessary.  Bobby will be missed but he plans to stay connected to the Show’s in-development spin-off focused specifically on justice concerns related to youth.  


Again, thank you Bobby for your dedication and commitment.  

Congratulations on your new job!