Next Generation Media Internship Program

Specializing in remote digital broadcast media internships.


We are NxGen Media

Offered year-round and designed exclusively for undergraduate students to obtain experiential, project-based learning exposure leading to an entry-level pathway to professional positions in the broadcast and media industry.

Why us?

Advancements in technology, not to mention COVID-19, necessitates the need for the creation of alternative and sustainable training opportunities for undergraduates and displaced workers which reframe traditional employability skills by taking into account the emerging and evolving "remote" working space developing today.

NxGen Media Internship Program

Offered year-round and designed exclusively for undergraduate students and displaced workers to obtain experiential and project-based learning in preparation for a pathway to professional positions in the digital broadcast and media industries inclusive of remote spaces.

Once the climate of COVID-19 has lifted the internship will be offered in hybrid format (combination of onsite and remote).

Our mission

Our mission is Re-framing employability skills through education and training (R.E.S.E.T.).

Our goal

Obj. 1: Introduction to experiential learning

Obj. 2: Continuous project-based learning

Obj. 3: Instruction in the use of online remote related technology

Obj. 4:  Training in self-governance and time management

Obj.  5: Coaching in effective remote


Obj. 6: Mentoring in managing remote projects efficiently using PM techniques

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